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Unfortunately, trial version licenses of CSV-to-ICS Converter are no longer available for request. If you need to see how the full version works or if you're just looking for a tool to perform a one-time conversion, temporary licenses are available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of perpetual licenses. These temporary licenses provide exactly the same features as perpetual licenses, but will revert to the Free Edition 7 days after being activated.

Feature Free
Convert CSV and TSV files to ICS files
Convert an unlimited number of events, rather than being limited to a maximum of 50 per file.
Remove the CSV-to-ICS Converter "Free Edition" notification from event descriptions.
Receive technical support directly from the people who built the product
Convert user-defined custom fields.
Convert software-specific extension properties (X-prefix).
Monitor a folder for updated CSV/TSV files and automatically generate ICS files.
Optionally run as a Windows Service.
Customize how columns in input files are mapping to data fields in output files.
Automatically upload ICS files to an FTP server.
Temporary license (expires after 7 days) $9.95
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Perpetual license (never expires) $59.95
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