CSV to ICS Calendar Converter
A free CSV to ICS file converter. Easily generate iCalendar files that can be used by Google Calendar, Outlook, VueMinder, iPhone, and many other calendar apps.
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Runs on Windows 11, 10, 8.x, and 7
Version 2021.01 - March 6, 2021

What is it?

CSV-to-ICS Converter is a free tool for converting text files (CSV or TSV) into ICS files. CSV files are formatted with comma-separated values and TSV files are formatted with tab-separated values. You can create a CSV or TSV file using any spreadsheet editor, such as Excel or OpenOffice, or by exporting from a database. Many calendar apps are also capable of exporting data to CSV or TSV files. The iCalendar (ICS) format is a standard used by Google Calendar, Outlook, VueMinder, and many other calendar apps. The CSV-to-ICS Converter helps bridge the gap between the CSV and ICS formats. The online documentation provides more detail about how CSV-to-ICS Converter works.

Converting CSV/TSV files into ICS files is not something that can be easily done by hand. This is where CSV-to-ICS Converter comes in. It can convert CSV/TSV files into ICS files in a matter of seconds. The CSV/TSV files can contain just a few fields like the event title and date, as well as additional fields defining things like recurring events, reminders, meeting attendees, time zones, and much more. The order of the fields doesn't matter and the mapping of field names to output values can be overridden as needed. CSV-to-ICS Converter will process the input fields and generate an ICS file that can be used by almost any calendar app, including Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo! Calendar, Android and iPhone calendar apps, and many others.

Transform your events from a CSV file into an iCalendar file, using the free CSV-to-ICS Converter tool.

How to convert a CSV file into an ICS file

Below is an example CSV file that can be converted into an ICS file. This example shows only a small subset of the supported fields. See the documentation for the complete list of supported fields.

An example CSV file containing event rows. This file can be converted into an iCalendar file that calendar apps such as Google Calendar can import or subscribe to.

To convert a CSV file into an ICS file, open the CSV-to-ICS Converter tool, select the CSV file to convert, and then select the name of the ICS file to be generated. The ICS file doesn't need to be saved to the same folder. It could generate to a different folder on your local drive, a network folder, cloud drive, etc. Click the Convert button to finish.

Select a CSV input file, select an ICS output file, and then click the Convert button to transform your CSV file into an ICS calendar.

The generated ICS file can be opened in almost any calendar app. Here's how the example CSV file shown above appears after being converted into an ICS file and imported into our favorite calendar app, VueMinder.

The generated ICS file looks great when imported into VueMinder, the best calendar app for Windows.

It's automated

CSV-to-ICS Converter Ultimate provides advanced features, such as an option to run in the background or as a Windows service while monitoring a folder for new or updated CSV files. ICS files will be automatically generated when changes are detected. The ICS files can even be automatically uploaded to an FTP server, enabling other calendar apps to subscribe to your ICS files and update whenever changes are made in your CSV files. In the example below, an updated CSV file is detected in the monitored folder. An ICS file is automatically generated and uploaded to an FTP server.

CSV files can be monitored and corresponding ICS files automatically generated when changes are detected. The ICS files can even be uploaded to a website.

It's configurable

CSV and TSV files can come from many different sources, and there's no standard for how the columns are named. CSV-to-ICS Converter will intelligently detect most common column names, but if your files contain different column names (or no header row at all!) you can easily configure CSV-to-ICS Converter to map your column names or indexes to data fields in the output ICS files. No other product provides this level of customization. Most other converters require very specific column names in a very specific order, and won't even work if there's no header row.

Column headers or indexes can be mapped to data fields in output ICS files.

It's not a web app

CSV-to-ICS Converter runs locally on Windows. It's not a web app. Why does that matter? Because with a local app, you can be assured your data is kept private. Your file doesn't need to be transmitted to a website before it can be converted into an ICS file. There's no chance for your calendar data to be intercepted or used for any purposes you don't intend.

CSV-to-ICS Converter runs locally. You don't need to upload your sensitive data to a website.

Want to learn more?

See the documentation if you would like to learn more about how CSV-to-ICS Converter works, including details about which field names are supported (by default) and how the files should be formatted.

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